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Company Background

In the early 1980s, Master Locksmith Brian Preddey recognised the need for a lock system which provided resistance to picking, impressioning and key duplication. As a result, Brian developed a U-shaped key operating on up to twelve tumbler pins, which in turn activate two sidebars. Brian continues to play a vital role in Australian Lock Company's product design and development, with New Generation BiLock the latest addition to his stable of product initiatives.

The Australian owned and operated Safecorp Group acquired Australian Lock Company in 1989. The Group continues to invest heavily in more sophisticated plant and equipment to augment production and design efficiencies of the world standard BiLock product range.

A History of Innovation

With all these products there remains a commitment to developing and introducing innovative lock security products designed to complement the BiLock range and quality for users.

In achieving this objective, a high priority is placed on Research and Design. This unique aspect to the Australian Lock Company incorporates the combination of specialist expertise, technologies and engineering to ensure optimal product diversity and integrity.

New markets and new applications bring new product requirements. Australian Lock Company continues to develop new BiLock products at a rate of 40 to 60 per annum and establish and open new markets both within Australia and overseas. Our ability to develop new cost effective, quality products for niche markets allows the Company to continue its progressive international sales and marketing programs.

Into the new millennium, Australian Lock Company has created yet another innovation known as New Generation BiLock. New Generation BiLock can offer the security conscious individual, firm or public body a fully integrated, high security lock system designed to meet high security needs, with unparalleled flexibility from the 300-plus cylinder types in the BiLock range!

Australian Lock Company has recorded an enviable annual average growth rate during the past two decades. Whilst its core product range remains BiLock, in recent years the Company has embarked upon a product diversification program with a number of new products now on offer.

Industry Accreditation

Both the First Generation of BiLock and the New Generation BiLock feature the clearly recognised logo and U-shaped key that now symbolise the quality which has been acknowledged by the Industry Design Council of Australia with two Australian Design Awards. This recognition is perhaps best reflected in the business growth of the Australian Lock Company. It is also mirrored in the Safecorp Group of Companies past listing in BRW's Top 500 status for privately owned firms in Australia.


Quality Assurance Accreditations to ISO 9001:2000


Australian Lock Company has received third party accreditation from SAI Global. This covers the Quality Management System for the design, manufacture and sale of high security locks. This accreditation assures that the design and manufacture of our products is done under controlled systems in order to provide a consistent quality product and service to our customers.


Princes Laundry

Australia’s Prince of laundries celebrates 100 years

Immaculately laundered table linen, perfectly finished shirts, blouses and collars, although the laundry demands of our forefathers have not changed in the last 100 years, the industry certainly has. And Princes Laundry Services has been the leader in the field throughout all that time. Princes’ Laundry began operating in November 1905. Founded by retired merchant seaman John Prince to meet the laundering demands of residents of the towns of Mordialloc and Mentone in Victoria. Fine table linen and the stiff, winged collars of the time were meticulously laundered and pressed in a small room at the back of the Prince’ family home in Mentone. John and his wife took care of the washing and ironing and son Harry used to pick up and deliver the goods before school. In 1924, Harry Prince now grown up, took over the reins and led the company into high speed laundering and dry cleaning. As demand grew so did the company and from 1950, Ivan Prince (grandson of John Prince) guided the organization with large-scale investment in the latest plant and technology to further improve standards and to meet the population’s ever growing demands. Prince’s Laundry was one of the first launderers to enter the age of electronic data processing in 1972 with the purchase of its first computer to service their accounting and administration needs.

By appointment to the medical profession.

When hospitals and medical centres sought a higher standard of laundry service in Victoria, Princes Laundry Services met the challenge head on. St Andrews in East Melbourne and St George’s hospital in Kew were the first of the larger hospital clients to receive the “Princes touch” in the late 1930’s. Princes have been servicing the demands of private hospitals for almost 70 years. In 1978 the company took a calculated risk and constructed a specialized central linen service plant at Box hill Victoria catering for the very particular requirements of hospitals and nursing homes throughout Melbourne. The Prince philosophy has continued to see that the very best high technology equipment is utilized not only to keep up with rapidly increasing demands but also to ensure the best quality linen is available consistently and economically. At the hub of Princes; linen supply throughout its six plants in Victoria and Queensland is the Continuous Batch washers of which there are now thirteen. Each of the thirteen washers is capable of producing 2000 kgs of washed linen per hour. As Princes celebrated its 100th anniversary in November 2005 the company has grown from small beginnings to an organisation employing 550 staff throughout Victoria and Queensland and processing over 40 million kilograms of linen annually.

Princes Laundry Services has grown to become Victoria’s largest commercial laundry service for the healthcare and hospitality industries.

Each week we recycle more than 550 tonnes of laundry, delivering it on time to over 1200 clients around Melbourne. This unwavering dedication to outstanding customer service has made us the No.1 healthcare supplier in the state.

Along with regular servicing carried out by our experienced maintenance team, we also have a service continuity plan. This plan sets out processes to ensure minimal interruption to your business in case of major breakdown, site disaster or utility disruption.

With four locations across Melbourne, Princes Laundry Services can guarantee an uninterrupted linen supply.

The Princes Group will embrace our customers through an unwavering commitment to quality, service and value for money.

Through environmentally sustainable, innovative business practices and a commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable workplace, we will deliver sustained growth and security to all of our stakeholders.

Lock Focus



Designs & manufactures locks for Commercial & Industrial applications

Lock Focus has evolved from its origins in the UK more than 100 years ago, to be a major manufacturer of disc tumbler locks. Its Melbourne design and manufacturing operations were established in 1972.

Lock Focus has a modern and world-class factory situated in Keysborough, in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Employing around 100 people, all manufacturing is currently produced at this single, purpose-built facility utilising the latest equipment automation. The introduction of automation was a key step to ensuring we consistently produce a high quality product at competitive prices.

Lock Focus aims to be the supplier of choice for OEM's and specifiers by providing tailored locking solutions supported by exceptional service.

In 1993, Lock Focus was acquired by GUD Holdings Limited, an Australian-owned, publicly-listed company with well-known brands such as Dexion, Ryco Filters, Davey Water Products, Oates and Sunbeam.

By capitalising on the strength of its Lock Focus, Kiroo, Emka and Locktech brand names, Lock Focus is a leading supplier of locks in Australia.


Lock Focus manufactures a range of locking solutions for the following market sectors:

Metal Enclosures, Residential Products, Wooden & Metal Furniture, Transport, Garage & Sheds, Environmental Applications, Industrial Uses, Commercial Uses

In addition, the Locktech brand incorporates a range of fire rated safes that provide both security and fire protection for the home and office.


Our continual product and process development and our commitment to being a high-quality, customer-focused company, have allowed us to grow into many new markets. Our export markets continue to grow and expand across South-East Asia and the Middle East.

New Product Development

New product development activity is an essential strategic platform for Lock Focus, enabling growth in the market. Development of new products is principally conducted in-house by our highly qualified and experienced locking solutions team, and are targeted to meet specific customer requirements in a wide range of industries. For further information see our new products updates.


Lock Focus has the experience and expertise to meet its customers’ needs.

Our Technical Team is always available to discuss the design and customisation of your orders.


Corporate Directory


Head Office:

25-27 Park Way, Braeside VIC 3195 Australia
Postal Address: PO Box 1099, Braeside VIC 3195 Australia
Phone: 03 9587 9500
Fax: 03 9587 9499

Burleigh Heads:

32 Kortum Drive, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 Australia
Postal Address: PO Box 3479, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 Australia
Phone: 07 5576 0000
Fax: 07 5576 1314

Box Hill:

83 Lexton Road, Box Hill VIC 3128 Australia
Phone: 03 9890 0355
Fax: 03 9890 1660


Shed 3, Bauhinia Centre
60-62 Maroochydore Road, Kunda Park QLD 4556 Australia
Phone: 07 5445 5133
Fax: 07 5445 8048


2-12 Beecher Street, Preston VIC 3072 Australia
Phone: 03 9480 3488
Fax 03 9484 7280

Australian Lock Company:

17 Doyle Avenue, Unanderra
Postal Address: PO Box 479, Unanderra NSW 2526
Phone: +61 2 4272 4922
Fax: +61 2 4272 4677


14-22 Westgate Drive, Altona North VIC 3025 Australia
Phone: 03 9373 4444
Fax: 03 9369 6344

Australian Lock Company – NZ Ltd:

PO Box 47169, Trentham, Upper Hutt, New Zealand
Phone: 027 875 625
Fax: 4970 2355


Gepps Cross:

15-17 Waldaree Street, Gepps Cross SA 5094 Australia
Phone: 08 8121 5488
Fax: 08 8260 2222

Lock Focus:

15-17 Futura Road, Keysborough VIC 3173 Australia
Phone: 03 9798 1322
Fax: 03 9706 3201